About me

All the projects on this site are made by one guy: me. I like to explore many different materials and develop new creative skills. I switch regularly; becoming an expert in some field is never my goal. Through the many mediums available I try to express myself.

As a creative person, I :

-practise as little as possible; technique is a hurdle I reluctantly take

-like to skip steps in the learning process, which, of course, often has consequences

-try hard to avoid making ugly things

-have little interest in reality and practicality

-mostly work non-commercial.

I live in the Netherlands with my wife and two daughters. In my small woodworking shop I manufacture meditation benches, which are available via Bol.com in the Netherlands. Also, I work part-time as a janitor, and the rest of my time I spend creating and writing.

Favorite places to look at beautiful art: Pinterest, Google images, and the walls of any elementary school classroom.

Favorite places to be: Gimborn arboretum, somewhere else.


This site is made to inspire you, not to impress.

I hope you find inspiration here for your own project, or maybe it will help you in another way on your creative path. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



'What's with this guy?'

You may wonder why someone is doing so many different things at once: 'Can't you just focus on one thing, get really good at that and stick to it? Then maybe you can become a professional in that field. This isn't leading to anything, is it?'
That reasoning may be correct, but that's not how I was created to be, and neither are many other people.
A number of books have been written about people who want to do a little bit of everything, and are unwilling or unable to choose. They are called "Scanners," "Renaissance Souls," or "Multipotentialites".
You can easily find more about this via google.